Mobile Reiki Newsletter

Issue no.1 Oct 2009

Welcome to my very first Mobile Reiki newsletter. This issue contains…

The crystal grid

Crystals store energy like batteries do. Charging them with Reiki allows the Reiki to be held for an extended period of time. Reiki works with intention. So the Reiki practitioner writes down situations or goals on pieces of paper, places those pieces of paper under the crystals and channels Reiki energy into the crystals, intending that the Reiki be sent to those situations or goals.

It’s important to understand that Reiki does not fulfil a wish-list, rather it works towards the highest good and the best resolution for all parties involved in a situation, which might not be the resolution you had in mind!

mobilereiki crystal grid Helen’s crystal grid. The outer crystals sit on pieces of red paper on which I have written situations, conditions, goals, etc. to which I am sending Reiki energy

Please drop me a line at helen [at] mobilereiki [dot] co [dot] uk with the situation or goal that you would like Reiki-ed. All submissions will be treated in confidence. You don’t even need to tell me. Simply give your goal a symbolic name and intend that the name represent it. No Reiki will be sent to another human being. Goals should be personal, or for pets, or plants. Plants love Reiki! I would be delighted to hear about any interesting results or magical occurrences. Again, all communication will be treated in confidence.

I shall be cleansing the crystals over the three days of the full moon from 2nd–4th November and fully charging the grid on the 5th November. The deadline for submissions is the end of October.

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Lupus Picnic

A friend of mine suffers from Lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease. She suggested that I might like to bring my Reiki table along to the Regional Lupus picnic in Stanmer Park in August.

mobilereiki Lupus Picnic 16 Aug 2009

Ralph and Helen in Stanmer Park, Brighton

Read Ralph's experience of Mobile Reiki.

The outcome of this lovely afternoon was that I decided to offer Reiki to one charitable event per month. I sent out a Press Release to this effect to a number of local publications. Mobile Reiki achieved a spot in the Argus on Monday 31st August, and an article in both G-Scene magazine and the Kemptown Rag (page 23).

Information Day for parents and carers

For this month’s charity event, I took Mobile Reiki over to Hastings to donate Reiki sessions at an East Sussex County Council Information Day for parents and carers of children with disabilities. Also taking part were a massage therapist, reflexologist, and Gaia healer. The therapy part of the event was to allow parents and carers to explore ways to take time out for themselves and to de-stress.

mobilereiki in Hastings 14 Oct 2009

Zanubia and Helen in Hastings

Mobile Reiki goes static!

I am now also offering Reiki sessions at a static location—Bell, Book & Candle interfaith store, 38 Gardner Street, Brighton. Bell, Book & Candle also offer Tarot readings, massage, and floatation tank. See Relax-a-Pac below for an unmissable deal to bliss you out…

Bell, Book & Candle
Bell, Book & Candle, 38 Gardner Street, Brighton

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November’s charity appeal

My November slot for donating Reiki sessions at a charitable event is still available. If you have a favourite charity or know of a worthy cause that is holding an event in November, please forward your suggestion to me at helen [at] mobilereiki [dot] co [dot] uk.

I typically provide 15-20 minute sessions over a few hours to accommodate a number of people. Reiki recipients, however, do not need to be human. Animal or vegetable or mineral is fine…

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Bliss yourself out at Bell, Book & Candle! We are offering one hour of Floatation Tank Therapy *plus* half an hour of Reiki for a total of £35.

Floatation tanks are filled with warm, salinated water, similar to the environment of the Dead Sea. You lie at full stretch on your back for one hour, usually in the dark (with a light control) and with optional music. Your body is totally supported without any physical effort from you, to give 100% physical relaxation.

Add to this experience a half-hour Reiki session—either beforehand or after­wards—your choice…

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And finally…

Remember… if you still haven’t experienced your first Mobile Reiki session with me, you can try it out for half price. Thank you for reading the first issue of my Mobile Reiki newsletter.

A thought is harmless unless we believe it.
Byron Katie