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Reiki treatment (one hour)     £30
Reiki treatment (half hour)     £20
Indian Head Massage & Reiki (one hour)     £30
Indian Head Massage (one hour)     £30
Indian Head Massage (half hour)     £20
Absent healing Reiki treatment (half hour)     £16
One hour sessions at Anahata Health Clinic      £35


  1. Absent healing Reiki treatment booked along with a One hour or Half hour Reiki treatment  £10
  2. Pay for two One hour Reiki treatments and get one Absent healing Reiki treatment £absolutely free

My intelligent online payment form below will work out the mathematics for one of these offers.


Reiki is an amazingly powerful healing energy, but sometimes people are not ready to receive it or blocks otherwise occur. If you feel that your Reiki experience did not work for you, I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. View details

  • I offer this on a ‘per session’ basis, so if you have two sessions with me and then decide you would like a refund, you would be claiming for the last session only.
  • Your refund must be claimed within one week of the session.
  • If subsequently you understand that you have received benefits and wish to resume treatment, then the refunded money will be repayable to me.
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Gift vouchers

You can give a whole, or a partial, Reiki treatment to friends. Purchase a gift voucher for any amount below using PayPal or get in touch with me. I’ll e-mail or snail-mail the voucher to your friend or to you.

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Online payment

If you would like to pay for your Reiki treatment by PayPal—or simply calculate the costs of Reiki treatments and offers—you may use the form below.

Please enter the number of Reiki treatments desired in the boxes below, and/or the amount you would like to spend on vouchers, then hit the ‘Calculate total’ button.

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